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CS3216 – a new beginning, a new challenge…

August 10, 2011

As I write this post tonight, my mind boggles with fear and excitement. When I first came across this module, I was doubtful if I had it in me to sail through smoothly. The thought slowly changed into reluctance, the reluctance changed into fear, the fear changed into confidence, and here I am, eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s lecture.

I enter into this module not with many expectations, but with only one that the teaching staff continuously put up challenges without showing any mercy! I myself might not be able to complete all the challenges, but I don’t care, since I’ve taken this module with the main aim of achieving an exponential learning curve where in  grades take a back seat.  But at the same time, I hope that we are not just left stranded in the middle of the sea without knowing any tools to survive. I hope that Prof Ben is there guiding and streamlining me not just throughout this module , but for the rest of my life as well! I’m pretty sure that this module will bring out the best in me and I hope to bring out the best in my team mates as well, as we set on a quest in making the ‘next big thing’!


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  1. Well, so the first lecture is over. Is it doubt, fear or confidence now? 🙂

    I am glad that you’re not expecting any mercy. I will make sure that you are not disappointed. >;-)

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